Chilaquiles in Guajillo Sauce

This was the first of ten new dishes I made for my 2015 Resolution.

IMG 0274

I’ve made chilaquiles in homemade green salsa before, and I like them very much, so I wanted to try a different sauce. I decided on a red salsa, made with guajillo (wah-HEE-yo) peppers.

I started with this recipe for the guajillo sauce.

If you’re going to use the sauce for chilaquiles, you can simplify the recipe by putting all of the broth into the blender then running the result through the strainer. Skip the bit with the medium-sized pot to thicken. Add epazote if you can.

To complete the chilaquiles, put 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil into a cast iron skillet, heat the oil at medium-high, and pour in the sauce. Once the sauce is bubbling, reduce the heat to medium, and add tons of tortilla chips. Pretty much fill the pan. Stir until the chips are coated with sauce. Eventually, the chips will saturate and sop up all of the remaining sauce. When they’re nearly done, reduce the heat to low and prepare to serve.

I recommend topping with grated cotija cheese (queso cotija) and Mexican sour cream (crema Mexicana). Yum!