This escalivada was the third of ten new dishes I made for my 2015 Resolution:


I first tasted Escalivada in Barcelona. It’s a smoky Catalonian vegetable dish. I charred my veggies on a gas grill rather than a wood fire, so my dish lacked some of the smoke flavor from the original cooking method.

Escalivada is a great alternative to crudités if you want to have delicious vegetables on the table for a party. Serve alongside flatbread or crackers.

Escalivada also makes for good before and after pictures. You’ve seen the after above. Here’s the before:

Pre Escalivada

The one downside to escalivada is the time it takes to prep the vegetables. It took quite a while to break these down into sizes appropriate for cooking. It’s also not a fast dish to cook, as it takes time for the flavors to build. The upsides are that the dish has a lot of color and a ton of flavor.