Get Your Next Year of Apple Music for 30% off

I just got my next year of Apple Music for $84, which works out to US $7/month rather than $9.99, a 30% discount. Here’s how I did it:

1. Wait for a good iTunes Gift Card discount offer and go for it. Follow me on, as I post when I see them.

2. Redeem your code on your Mac with iTunes open. This prompts the following offer or something similar:

Apple Music Offer

I’m not sure how long Apple will continue this offer. Let me know if they discontinue it, and I’ll update this post.

Finally, the math:

  • Purchase $100 iTunes Gift Card for $85
  • Purchase annual Apple Music subscription for $99 using that credit
  • Get $99 annual Apple Music subscription for $84
  • Have $1 left of iTunes Store credit

Now, it’s time for me to fire up some tunes in my heavily discounted Apple Music.